The Transition


Shit is getting deep right about now
I don't know if I'm ready for the transition
But I could feel it coming, I could feel it coming
I could feel it coming, I could feel it coming
I could feel it coming, can you feel it coming?
Can you feel it coming? Can you feel it coming?

Can you feel it coming thru? Cuz it's coming so fast!
Critics always wanna compare the present to the past
But problems don't get solved if you don't evolve
I don't rap to please the masses, I just do it cuz I'm raw
It's the love, the respect, recognition, the checks
Exoneration that I get when I let it off of my chest
It's the fans, the connection, this lyrical obsession
To mentally free my people from this self antipathetic infection
I question my morals sometimes. Hella money coming thru the door, is it all mine?
Where do I draw the line? & how thick to draw it?
It's onerous to brace the future when you're living in the moment
"Rap super star" now that's what the people saying
Ain't nobody give a fuck about me back in the day &
When I'm getting paid & microphone slaying-
Give a shout out to my haters- you can catch me around the way bitch!

I ain't here for the fame, I'm here for the experience
Catching hella lime light, shit is getting serious
Too late to back down, believe me, feel a responsibility cuz the world needs me

I don't know if I want this life. Never thought that I'd live in this light
It's coming so fast, I cannot grasp, I don't feel fine but glad you asked
If you wanna know the truth I hate this fame
I love this money but hate this change
I see friends changing, pretend I don't notice
Haven't met a real mc but I guess that's show biz
Hold this- it's near the end, feel the explosion!
Check 1, check 2, you know I love to microphone in
Zoning thru these psychedelic realms of hell
Experiment with my philosophies then show & tell
If I die before I peak or I peak before I die
You should know, either way, I'll be always by your side
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