Rich Richie

Course: You aint gotta say to much from the look in yo eyes i can tell you wanna cutt.

you aint gotta call me yo boo but as long as you wanna cutt i wanna cutt too. x2

C-los: see you aint gotta say much i can see it all in yo sicnise
and once we cutt i bet you remember me like the titans
c-los who hold the most
i never brag i never bost
play yo position on the flo
cause i like girls who cut the most
thought you wouldnt be addicted but she cravin fo some mo
she dont want nobody else so she save it fo c-los
other girls they think im gorgeous wanna scroom like some flies
once we do it they think we belong together like mariah
i aint gone lie to ya baby girl i got that fiya
they say im cool wait kinda like tony the tiger
i keep goin and goin just call me the energizer
only nine in a half but you in fo a big surprise
im a up town resident
up town arrisist
girl dont ask cause down town i aint never been
so keep yo cool i know you wanna do it just face it lets go pull em of juice em off and go and get naked


romeo: i been with many girls from many states
some thought yo pretty face will make my body shake
hope you like me for me girl and not my cake cause i love you like a fat kid love steak(ha)
from day one you kept it real when im in love with yo body
couldnt resist that first time i saw you at that party
hooked up next night now im tryin to get naughty
kinda look like beyonce
thoughts like bonny
now wont you grind with me
till the day get dark the night get day i please you girl in any way
you can shine with me
no shoes no coops homes
take you places wherever you into so


lil d: see you aint gotta say much cause ive been watchin you
lookin at them curves make a thug wanna hop in you
knockin boots
you heard about them gutta ridas
they get up in it and hit it harder than mark maguier
im like don to the dan
baby girl i cutt alot
i got the magic stick on something like hairy potter i know im not yo man but i can sho you what the best is lay it down and now you wanna cook and serve you breakfast
from the combo i can tell what yo mind at put it on you to you start to moan and climax
the bedroom boomin and the sheets all major do me and i let my boy trump return the favor


big doug: i can tell by the way you stand all in my visual
that all i gotta do is start you up like an engine do
girl its young trump
come and ride with a baller
i just know you wanna ride by the size of my crawler
so slide me yo number by tonight im a call ya if you decide to let me cutt like milk im a spoil ya
its rich boyz for life big cars big ice
so baby stop playin so we can get it on tonight


young v: i aint gotta say much you can tell what im into
see i wanna cut like im workin with an inzu
you can bring a friend too
girl its that simple
age aint nothin but a number its all mental
i can bring som flowers
we can meet up in a hour
im the youngest in the click
this rich boy got dollas
any thing he layin down man i can do iy betta i aint bow wow but ill get them goodies from ciara

giselle: got me waitin here by the telephone hopin that you call
i aint really tryin stress you boy but you know i want it all
i wanna fill yo body next to mine
from sun up to sun down i wanna make you mine


giselle: i really do x4
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