1. 1

    Richard Lugo - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

  2. 2

    Richard Lugo - All The Girl I Need

  3. 3

    Richard Lugo - Boom

  4. 4

    Richard Lugo - If I

  5. 5

    Richard Lugo - Just Act Like

  6. 6

    Richard Lugo - Lil' Senorita

  7. 7

    Richard Lugo - Me

  8. 8

    Richard Lugo - Ocean Drive

  9. 9

    Richard Lugo - Snow In June

  10. 10

    Richard Lugo - Ven, Ven, Ven

  11. 11

    Richard Lugo - You Are Not 17 (interlude)

You Are Not 17 (interlude)

Richard Lugo

Your Not 17 (Interlude) Ring...Ring... Machine: Lugo incoming call from... Girl: Your girl Machine: Do you wish to accept or decline? Lugo: Accept it Machine: Call connected Lugo: Hello? Girl: Hello? where you at? Lugo: Oh what's up Chula? Girl: Oh what's up? I thought you were coming to pick me up! Lugo: Baby I am chill out chill out Girl: See I knew you were too young! Your not 17! You don't evenhave your own car! Lugo: Whatcha talkin' about? I got my own car! Girl: Mmm hmm! Lugo: Peep it! (Car alarm goes off) Lugo: Ooh um wrong button uh...But don't worry bout it baby. Igot it. Pops asleep, done it a million times, don't worry! Girl: Yeah alright... Lugo Sr.: Ahem! Girl: What was that!?!? Lugo: Uh...uh look look I gotta call you back Girl: What!?!? Lugo: I can't explain... Girl: Are You!?!? Lugo: Call you back! Girl: What!?!? Lugo: I'll call you back! (Click) Lugo Sr.: Richito.... a dios pero bueno muchacho! Que tu haceshablando con esa nina a esta hora? Lugo: oh man! Lugo Sr.: eh! Y que tu tienes carro y toda esa cosa! Lugo: Busted! Lugo Sr.: Quiere que tu mama te de una pela? Que eso! Ben aca!Ahora! Lugo: Si senor! S-- okay papi! Dang!

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