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Just One Of Those Days Freestyle

Richie Campbell

Yo Dadda
Summer gone now a time fi count profits
Dudu buss now everybody call me prophet
Told dem I would pull up inna range and now me got it
Swervin’ like a bike inna di middle a the traffic

Some a friend dem see me back and dem go stab it
Violate a man me shotta friend dem ago clap it
Everytime me drop another song dem say a classic
Platinum record me turn a dream into a habit

Dem ago talk cause dem nuh like fi see
We polo shirt tuck inna we gstar pants yeah we know it hurt
Badmind people are the devil pon earth
Want see your whole body lay down inna dirt youth
Watch your friends weh you have youth
Your worst enemy is standing right beside you
Text your ex ‘bout he never should of left you
Bless me bless but dawg that a nuh my boo

Come mek we roll up a spliff and stay in for the winter
Things me ago do to you nuh post it pon u insta
Wrap yours arms dem around me like rizzla
Its just one of those days like sizzla

Weed and grabba
Mix the rum with the henny and the vodka
See we outta road it nah go nice like Baka
But we love all a the gyal punani bad like Shabba
That a the wave that a the vibe that a the motto

Real bad bwoy we shoot and never miss like Dadda
Anytime at all you know we posted pon da block yah
Solid as a rock you know we tougher than the Nokia
Show no weakness
See Dudu mother cry that left me speechless
Dem nuh know how many nights we gon sleepless
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