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Ah No Me Dat

Richie Spice

Ah No me dat,
couldn't do dat,
Can't see through love and walk away.(2x)

Love got the powers,
Like a flag flowing line to the castle of my arm,
No matter what colour,race or class it may be,
Flowing to me like a roaring river,
Dashing to the mighty sea.
It's burning hot, hot, one hundred point five degrees.

Chorus (2x)

If loving you is wrong , I don't wanna be right.
I feel like sharing some tonight. (oh yeah)
Trouble makers, don't break no fight.
It's time for we to make it right.
I gat feelin, something to believe in,
Whole own pun your woman and wrap her tight.

Love is a fire, True love is a fire,
True love is a burning Flame


And it all begins with me
Yes it all begins with you
they told us these vibes were feeling
Lift me high upon the ceiling
Hey babylon what ya dealing
Jah ga whoop them if they carry bad feeling
Ohh na na na, aah ah na na na

Chorus (3x)

ah ah ah
oh na na na
a a a

Chorus (3x)
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