What a Woman Can do


I used to think I could stand on my own didn't need anyone else
I hid my feelings behind walls of stone just looking out for myself
I learned the hard way how this cruel world can cut a man down to size
I let my guard down and turned to you girl and now I realize

What a woman can do with her healing touch
Gives a man hope when he's given up
With you in my life I've got loving proof
There's just no end to what a woman can do

Girl I'm amazed how your love's lifted me when I was weak you were strong
When I was broken down on my knees you gave me the will to go on
I never knew how much I held in my heart until I gave it away
Letting go doesn't have to be hard and I'm learning more everyday

What a woman can do...
What a woman can do...
What a woman can do
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