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Free Fall

Rides Again

Im not gonna lie to you, honestly, i feel something.
I dont know what it is, but it is, uninvited.

One voice sweet child, one road, one mile.
Our last free fall, eyes shut, get away, get away.

Why should i pretend to live the way i do.
Cash and cars and broken hearts, im yours to be used.
I have nothing left to say to you.

Trust brings in the enemy, seperate friends and feelings.
Big words for a little girl, realize im not broken.

Rely on empty shoulders. filled up we let it go to waste.
Satisfy no other.
Designed by your creation, we learn to love the ones we hate.
Are we lost, are we to far from the ground.

Disillusion i cant take it.
Hide your eyes and try to fake it.
Ive got nothing left to say to you.
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