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Let Me Be The One

Rik Emmett

Who will vow to have and hold you
Love you more than words can say?
Who will build their world around you
And stand beside you all the way?

When you need a friend you can rely on
A shoulder you can cry on
Who will pick you up when you fall
Who will come running when you call
Who’ll be there for you when all is said and done?
Let me be the one…

Who will help you write the pages
In the story of your life?
And who will promise you tomorrow
Every single time you kiss goodnight?

Who will love you always and forever
As you face this crazy world together?
Who will make you smile through your tears
And who'’ll share all your secret fears?
Who’ll wake up beside you when each mornin'’ comes?
Let me be the one…

Let me be the one your heart will know
The partner of your soul
The one who laughs and cries with you
The one who lives and dies for you
The only one you need
To share your hopes and dreams, darlin’
I can handle any fate that comes
If you would only let me be the one…
Let me be the one…
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