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Four Minutes To Doomsday

Rising To Breathe Out

We are a word
May the word be the doubt

May it afflict the mind of those
Who don't know who they are
Living eyes into
Repugnance and contradiction
This is the proof of our strength

We try at all costs to set ourselves free
From opression that keep us bent over

It's likely for us to have our heads cut off
That we are cast away and burned
It's likely for us to have our heads cut off
Even so we will rise

We are a word
We are many but we are one
Our vigorous spirit will conquer fear
Even so we will rise

If you decide to drew your sword
Don't do it at the last moment
And also strive to have some faith

You've got to be hearted
To exert your will

Heirs to chaos and to a false moral
Not much tempted to participate
On this lying unconvenient ethics
I'm not humanitarian, it's not about love
I'm a merchant selling fresh fish
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