Clear Like Water


Going home, i found myself at a crossroad
There's no other side to cross
When somebody needs to
Rescue me before i fall into someone
Take a shower, mix it with my tears
In need of something
To guide me along this dark road
The asking for my clay friends to help me, help me

I see the blood, claer like, water
Please ease this feelin'side me, now
Hurt my wound in dirty body, down
Rain in the ocean, peaceful like a dawn, dawn

Yet here, everything is so sorted out
But this is not the end of this mess
I don't really know the meaning of it all
In distress, corroding my entrails therefore
Fading like a poisonous flower
This must come to an end, just end, my pain, my pain

I don't wanna cling to you no more
I don't wanna to cling to what you mean
I see the blood clear like, clear like water
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