This One's For The Other Guy

Riverside Rock

She's goddman beautiful
Sitting in my sight
Glaring her looks
Fucking up my lines
With lips that scream
You'd better come talk to me
And eyes that are glaring
You'll never get close to here

She's got looks to kill
But it's mind over metter
She's taking me in
As i'm getting sober
Her cute lips her blue eyes
Whispering her sweet floor

I'm dying to grow up and let you down

I'm walking down the street
Without any clothes
And it's get damn hard to breathe
When your mouth's burning cold
Just one taste just pour it right down throat
She's what i dream about in my bed all alone

Stumble and fall until crawl
Cause no one's picking up or returning my calls
I'm so left behind i'm so strung out
And i can't even tell when the lights go out
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