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Talk a Talk

Rocker T.

oo dem mouth a chat like dem was baan to inform
welllook pan di young verteran a big dutty stick in a mi hand

A long time di badman dem yuse to proceed
now dem hav a new generation a new breed
no lissen to dem elder seh bway dem to tek heed
start push crack an stop sellin di good weed
talk bout gun all so much sah dem mouth bleed
brutalize uman dem no care weh dem plant seed
worship vanities an dem a worship di one greed

talk a talk action a action
u neva hear no talk from no real gunman
bway a bway big man a big man
di likkle young bway a tunn a informa man
cyaan chat too loud dat would change up di treatments
from a man talk is di police excitements
open up di gate to all a di badman fence
i am Rocker-T I mek a rhyme and it makes sense
Straig an direct it a no fulla suspense
mi chant

A long time we yuse to juddle di ganja
now some likkle bway sellin crack on di corner
seh dem a gun bway but I man a Jah Warrior
push come to shove an dem know di Old Timer
neva know New York did a run by di gangsta
neva know seh New York was a struggle fi power
but who is cashin in a lot of police officer
dey watching di spot dey want a cut of di dolla
dey cyaan get deat dey mek we kill one another
dey brok up Harlem and set di Bronx up on fiya
as in a Brooklyn dem start a war in di center
an in a Shaolin good cocaine bush ganja
an up in Queens man dem start it all over
to New Jersey a road block on di border
but who teach di youth in the ghetto di Rasta
East to West Coast wi a hol wi corner
Mi Chant
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