A Question Of

Rodrigo Nézio & Duocondé Blues

You said you're gonna leave me
This time will be for sure
Please, reconsider it, darling
And stay two nights or more
I know I've not been a nice man
And I guess... you think so
But I promise I can be better
If you tell me you won't go

It's a question of trusting, honey
Please, tell me you're gonna stay
Give our love one more chance
I will make you happy someday

I know I may not deserve this
'Cos 've just let you down
What I did was really awful
And I spread throughout the town

But I will show you, baby
That I am not that bad
I just changed my way of living
Before I just end up dead

A question of living or dying
I don't wanna lose you again
I know how bad is to be without you
Crying out loud in the cold rain.
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