Railing Part 1

Roni Size

"Yes, something of a different pace.
Fresh, Hits from 97' make haste.
Now, I believe the time is right.
How, stepping from the left to the right.
So get, ready for the rhythm in check.
Direct, believe me you aint heard nothing yet!
I will, volunteer my lyrical skill,
Until, the skoo reaches 15 mil,
Go deep, Rite into the middle of the beat.
Stay sweet, in everyway, 7 days a week
On Time, give it to you line by line, the source is the power of the force in the prime.
Its new (beat), structure of the sour unveiling, Go twice around the waters still keep on changing.
Panic, so get confuse I cant shake it, Feel Static, built up by the darts in the free
I can't have it, I need you spirit representers, a skilled ever ready strong deep of adventures
And I got that, that's why my beats sound so fuelled, 'cos its the format, something you've never heard before!

Do you think that you can hold on, when the beat gets to strong and you feel that you need help to move along
Do you think that you can hang tuff, when the rhythm gets ruff and the DJ says "I think you've had enough"
Do you think that you can digest, when i start to digress, better get yourself a lyric proof vest!
Do you think that you can compete when you hear the fat beat, you need stamina like an athlete!
Unique, continue the future technique to full heat, let the microphone burn when i speak
Alright, now were getting into this sound, pick it up, shake it up, turn it upside-down!"
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