I Gotta See

Ronnie Wood

I'm goin' out
Don't wait for me
Don't bother calling my friends
They won't know where I'll be
I hear a voice
It's calling me
I gotta go now
I gotta see

I'm goin'
Away from here
I miss the good times
Lovin you lovin me
Don't know where I'm goin'
Something's callin' me
I gotta go
I gotta see

A man must walk when it's time
Soar like an eagle wings open wide
It's been a pleasure thanks for the ride
Destiny is waiting on the other side

I got the devil
In a bag next to me
I got some clarity
Now I can see
It was never you
It all about me
I gotta go
I gotta see
What's on the other side
Waiting for me
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