Tell Me When

Roots Circus

If I can’t speak then I’ll try to sing your name
A truly divine refrain
I’ll go cross the oceans, round the world and back again
Just give the word, just tell me when

I’ve searched for you, since my first breath of air
Somehow you found me, somewhere
With every beat of my heart, with each and every rising sun
I’ll tell the world, that you’re the one

So when I hear the radio, singing songs of love so sweet
Words are too small, to explain bout you and me
And if they write a book some day, a tale about how two hearts meet
They wouldn’t come close to the way that my heart feels

Sometimes, there are clouds building up above our heads
And all things are left unsaid
But when the sky turns darker, I’ll be calling out your name
I was alone until you came

And you know that this is for you, all these precious things around me is for you
My love, you know that it is true
The world is divided, but with you I feel as one
You are my calm before the storm
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