Damn If You Didn't Want Me Back


igeon nal geulgeonaeneun neukkimi deureo
apeun del pagodeuneun beolle gateun geo
geunyang naega neoreul joahaeseo mianhae

This feels like you scraping me away
Like a bug digging into a place that hurts
I’m just sorry that I like you

You must think I’m a dummy
wae ireoke himi ppajiji
gyesok jeongsineun ttan de pallyeosseo
Why do I feel so drained
My mind’s always somewhere else

It feels like a needle poking me
bichamhae gateun sigane naneun
I'm pathetic, every time
You must already know

bogo inneun ge buranhae
dulman isseul ttae nan ne saenggageul algo sipeo
aesseujiman jal moreugesseo

Watching makes me uneasy
When it’s just the two of us, wanting to learn what you’re thinking
I struggle but I don’t know, really

tto sumgine ppeonhae
daehwa juje bakkuneun beop
deo neureosseo

You hide it, again; it’s obvious
The way you change the topic of conversation
You’ve gotten better at it

I’ve never learned from my mistakes
sasil na ul geot gata
To be honest, I feel like I‘m going to cry
Because I still love you

It’s all yours if you want me
It only matters that you love me too

I brushed my teeth, and then I took a shower
I’m writing letter tonight thinking of you
Maybe this is gonna be the last
(Text message to you)

I’ve never learned from my mistakes

ireogi sileo
nado moreugesseo
jebal geuman dugireul barae

I don’t want to be like this
I don’t know, either
Please, I want to stop

It’s all yours if you want me
It only matters that you love me too
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