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A New Trend

Royal Anguish

There's a plague among us
Tainting the truth of Christ
Taking the Word of God
Dissected and diced

They will tell you of paths
Other beliefs embraced
'It doesn't matter what,
In all truth is laced.'

But what does our Lord say?
What are His words decree?
'No one sees the Father,
No one except through Me.'

How would you interpret?
These words of our Christ Lord?
What way would you see them?
How would you have them whored?

New Age philosophy,
With every diseased breath,
Is infesting the Truth
And will only bring death

Watering down the Word
So as not to offend
This way of deceiving,
The way of the new trend

Spreading the truth of God
Is 'politically incorrect'
Realizing ourselves
and sin is the effect

The Deceiver lives within
the world we have today
When God is forgotten
death, destruction the way

False teachers among us
claiming to spread the truth
But on our judgment day
Christ will say, 'I never knew you.'
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