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Hey pachuco!

Royal Crown Revue

(Hey, Pachuco)
(Hey) Summer '43
(Hey) The man's gunnin' for me
(Hey) Blue and white mean war tonight

(Hey) They say damn my pride
(Hey) And all the other cats livin' down the east side
(Hey) And that there's no place to hide
[So I can't]

Hey, Marie (Hey)
(Hey) / You better grab my jack and zip gun for me
(Hey) / 'Cuz I'll face no shame / (Hey)
(Hey) / Tonight's the night I die for our name

Well, when we hit downtown
We stopped, broke down
We end up doing time
Soon as we met up
They're out to get us
Exhausted, but that's gettin' a mind

(Hey) (Hey, Hey, Hey)

Yeah, go, baby go

(Hey, Hey, Hey)
(Hey, Hey, Hey)
(Hey, Pachuco)

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