Love is a Cross

Russ Lee

I've heard it said that Love is blind
It's never afraid, patient and kind
I've heard it said Love's all you need
And that it is a many splendored thing

I've heard people sing of Love at first sight
And how it's so wrong, and how it's so right
It lifts you up, it lets you down
But I have found...


Love is a Cross
And Love let it be
Love is saving you
Love is saving me
The blood and the nails
A body so bruised
A Holy heart was broken
That's how he chose to prove
Love is a Cross

I've read that Love is just a myth
It's only a crutch, it doesn't exist
It's something the world cannot achieve
But I believe...

Repeat Chorus

Peace is like a rushing river
Hope is paradise
Joy's an overflowing fountain
Love paid the price...Cause

Repeat Chorus
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