Russ Taff

He is a man who speaks his mind
His answers are for you to find
Just open your eyes
Although they war against his name
He sees their truth burned down in flames
Nothing but lies

Heroes come
And heroes go (ain't it funny)
He had no medals
A hand that never made a fist
A story line without a twist
He had no medals
A man of love, a man of peace
And he will fight for your release

You cry like children in the night
Confused and blinded by false light
You don't understand
He is a man who knows no time
He clears the questions from your mind
With a touch of his hand

Repeat Chorus

They'll try to get you
They'll break your heart
They'll take your reason
And they'll tear it apart
It's never-ending
They want control
The lines are drawn
It's a fight for your soul

Repeat Chorus

He will look you in the eye
And say he's not afraid to die

You are my hero
We are his medals
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