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As Children Cry


This for every child who needs love and stability
For every boy and girl who needs a hug and it's killin' me
To see young people so torn and abrasive
Being taught wrong no child is born racist
Being faced with peer pressure
Poor education they're made to feel less
There's no road to save em
They be hatin' erratic based on needs and status
They just wanna feel safe
So they feed into habits
Now they're smokin' and drinkin'
They're fuckin and cuttin
They're depressed it's a mess
But they're just huntin' for somethin'
A way to feel good a safe place in the hood
Nurture all they're dreams
Keep tellin' them they could
They could be whatever they choose
But they keep changing the rules
They're our future
Teach what they got in the schools
Born in science and math
Start providing a path
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