Apollo Girlie

Sacha Sacket

I wake up and i can't feel my body
Can't create much more than a breath.
Juggernaut thought is making me crazy
Gives me canker sores, throat gets upset.

I'm a leaky tap dripping for nothing
Chicken head running around and around.
Tells me i'm not worth much to nobody
That my kingdoms will all come crashing down.

There's a sunset in my soul
But no moonrise at all.

Apollo girlie is this duality
That we shove in the backseat
To pack up our meat
But they're fingering me
I can't do the same
Primordial men
Got my hands disjointing.

And apollo girlie
Say i'm a test-tube baby
To see the mythology
'cause i'm vying to be
Amphibian green
And push out to sea
Like a waterbaby
A waterbaby.

But i'm never that perfect
My mind won't love me.
Says i'm never enough
I can't sing on key.
Thought i could use a helping hand
So i paid this castro medium
But she found no lover
No lover for me.
She just pulled cards divining my androgyny.

There's a sunset in my soul
Where's the moonrise for my ego?

So apollo girlie leave the apocathary.
I thought you were dirty
But we�re all that i need.
It's hermaphrodeity,
Her and him in

Split me wayward like orpheus
Call me teresius
The third sex is the creamiest.

And let apollo girlie
Read my obituary
For there is an apple tree
Buried in me.
And i'm all that i need,
I'm all that i need,
There is no one to be,
I'm apollo girlie.
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