Love Me Like Him And I Will Hate You Like Me

Saddest Day

Think my thoughts and pronounce my words.
Open your mouth and i shall place the sounds and shapes.
Close the book but mark the page.
One quick peek will teach you how to act.
I will pull your strings the way i want to.
I will have as many puppets as i want to.
My little me's will never be yours again.
Create you by my image and shape you like my very own fantasy

I will be your god, your guide, your teacher, and your master.
Dream my dreams. Swallow me whole.
Give in to the jealousy and hate the two of us for it.
Keeping a secret must be easier than this.
Go through my memory trunk and build yours.
Popsicles tricycles slingshots sleepy are we there yet?
Flip through my old pictures and make them yours.
Distant familiar scent
Are now gonna be yours (he who controls the past controls the

Wear my new clothes and be my harmless mischief.
Read. Think. Learn. Play. Forget.
Events are endless and repetitive.
Stuck in the circle of stupidity.
Dirty dull morons spinning and laughing.
Imbeciles every bent knee too shall break.
Hitting our heads. Burning our eyes. Smile and go on.
There's one more lover at the corner of first street.
Waiting to be lied to. Eager to believe one more time.
Who will be the next one in line?
My hands are itching for another touch.
Another handshake. Another smile.
Another sincerity goes down the drain.
I can't accept your offering because it's not made of me.
Love me like him and i will hate you like me.
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