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The Holy Trinity (Of Money, Machine, And Obedience)

Saddest Day

Hail to the new God.
I'll make your path - clear and shining.
I will wipe the enemies out of your way.
Shall lock them up, let's call them "inmates."
Let's humiliate them, let's take their money.
Force them to do things they don't want to.
Then we'll make new laws and enforce new rules.
We shall curse upon them, call them "ex-cons."

Hail to the new God.
With his fresh scent of machinery and brand-new-looking face.
Giving all the idiots a brand new mindset.
Just remember not to ask questions. Remember not to think.
Just never forget to polish your machines.
Everyone can be happy now. We will throw the dirty ones away.
We'll hide them under the rug.
We shall lock them up, let's call them "crazy,"
let's call them "beggars," let's call them "social misfits,"
"communists," "terrorists," a threat to the world order.
We will entertain you, we will occupy you.
We will never leave room for worries nor thought.
Consume, and we shall give - Work, and we shall give.
Obey, and we shall give - Kill, and we shall give.
We will be generous to the followers and merciless to the enemies.
It's a brand new mindset! Just how all the idiots like it.
Those bastards would eat shit if it had a "new!" label on it.
It's the new system - the holy trinity of money, machine, and obedience.
And like the old system, we won't tolerate feelings.
Like the old system, we won't spare lives.
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