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Sadistic Intent

Catalepsy, paralyzed
Suspension of the brain
Execration, desperation
Have I gone insane
Pathological, conscienceness
Nearing the last breath
Obscurity possess' my body
And all I see is death

Awaken inside a cold casket
And all I can do is scream
The torment is all thats left
And I pray its all a dream
A desperate fear of death
this muddy world I plunder
"Why" asking in my head
In dying six feet under

Necro-sentitent effigy
And there is no escape
Putrid eyes ashes of guts
You enter to decay

Did I really deserve this
Am I dead and barred
I still cry out for help
but ive ceased to feel my heart
Am I deceased or living?
My fingers burn and bleed
Incarcerated in living hell
Still no one hears my screams

Im suffering through this hell
Excretion now begins
Rancid plasma is released
My innards decompose
Defecating stench
Now im living dead
Esoused with wretchedness
I pray for my life to end!
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