Sagrado Coração da Terra

Spitting fire, I see dragons in your eyes
Burning in the sacred light of love.
You fly so high, let me follow you through the night
Lead me to your nest.

Eagle of a rising sun, princess of the golden light
I have called you since ageless times
I know you know my voice
Lost amount the billion voices

By the milk-way, through the constelations

My dreams are gone, all my tears have flown away
I\'m an empty boat on an immense sea
And then you come, sure and silent as the dawn
From ashes make me rise again.

Give my eyes a chance to see - your face
Give my hands a chance to touch - your land
Give my ears a chance to hear - your voice, your song, your call
Play your symphony forever
on our way home through this endless circle.

I\m blind by your tower's sight
( dança, dança, dança da vida )
Your song fills my lips and my heart
( dança, dança, dança da vida )
I hold the key for light
( dança, dança, dança da vida )
When I dancing with you,
the dance of life.
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