Samantha Cole

Anytime you look at me
I can't help but see
Anything I want and more
You're the biggest part of me
Deep down I know inside
There's nothing ic an do
Nobody else will ever make me
Feel the way you do

You make me crazy
Crazy in love with you
You make me crazy
All the little things you do
Oo you make me crazy
I just can't get enough
You make me crazy
Crazy for you

Every tie I see your face
You just make me smile
I wanna get right next to you
And stay there for awhile
When I look into your eyes I realize what's true
Nobody elese will ever make me
Feel the way the real way you do

Do you know I live to love you
Where you go I will follow
When I dream, I fream the sweetest dreams
Of you and me together
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