Can You Feel My Metaphors

Samuel Larsen

It's like i'm losing my brother
But gaining a friend
It's like i'm staring at the finish line
But i can't seem to win
It's like the world's spinning around me
When really im the crazy one
It's like starting all over
To realize i'm already done
So i sing whoa ohhh ohhhh
Oh and just sing whoaaa ohhh
It's like i'm feeling down in worry
When i'm on top of the world
It's like a pretty one loves me
But i'm still hung on one girl
It's like one moment i'm saved
And the next moment i die
It's like trying to be honest
In a world thats run by lies
So i sing whoaa ohhh ohhh
Oh and just sing whoaaaa ohh
Well it's like thinking that i'm right
And saying that i told me so
And it's like owning the world's land
But i don't know where to go
It's like the door is left unlocked
But i'm still stuck inside
It's like being totally exposed
But all i want to do is hide
So i sing whoaaaa ohhh ohhh
Oh and just sing whooaaa ohhh
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