Love Me Or Leave Me Alone (hum Hum)

Sandro G

All day (I be thinking of you)
Hey girl… come on baby for me… I've got something to say baby…


All day I be thinking of you aha…
And I don't know what I'm a do aha…
Come on baby are you feeling the dro aha…
And if you feel it come on baby lets go aha…

You got your daddy calling me on the phone aha…
Telling me you better leave her alone aha…
Come on pops, don't you know that its on aha…
Your little girl look at me and she gone aha…

I see your body wobble baby come on,
Take you to the beach, show me how you walk in a tonge
Come on girl, sunshine it's a beautiful thing
Ya, show me how you workit when you bringing the bang

Jump in the wipe, take a ride cause we are chillen tonight
I got the 6 six-speed spinning, and your itching to drive
I'm about to get nasty, grab the back of your head
Take you to the tally; watch me break in the bed

Put it on paper make the poison with led
Come on girl can you dig it. Can you feel what I said?
Its no doubt, you got the hard body shaking that ass
And the vibe that I'm catching I'm a treat you like glass

Come on love, pack your bags I'm a show you the ildands
I can see picture visions of your beautiful smile
Bubble bat Champaign in the back of the Limo
Good Fella make a movie, like Robert De Niro

You gotta love it, or leave it alone
Give me a bone, I'm dog,
but Im taking you home
You know its on


And I know that you want me I can see in your eyes
By the smoke that I blow I be making you cry
Come on now, don't you know that I be making drop
And you look so hot like ice in the box

You know its on baby doll, I'm a show you the world
G4 9 ildands, I'm a spoil you girl
I'm a take you to the crib, shobe it up in your rib
Lick your lips, grab your hips, as your stroking my (click)

I wanna bring it way back,
Like back in the day
You see the ink don't it stink, how I'm making you think
You got the thing, and the mink that be maken it blink

And you're a jewel and anything you touch you bruise
From your shirt, to your skirt to your belt, and your shoes
God damb I love the way you make me sweat
Hot sex 30.000 feel up in a jet.


We can sit in the Jacuzzi, wash your body with Juvi
Or smoke a Clubie, while you do me while I'm watching a movie
Yo! Your pop pin like pop corn up in the oven
And I love the way that you hug me. When I'm given you loving

Come on love, you got that back that be snapen them necks
Your spendex, leaving visions that I'll never forget
Your whole style, your talented in various ways
Let me explain, baby doll I got something to say


You've got to love me… or leave me alone (bis)
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