Help Me To Let Go

Sandy Molling

I could look in your eyes
And pretend they don´t lie
That you don´t love someone else
I could hold you all night
And forget it´s not right
But i´d be foolin´ myself

My head is tellin´ me that i shouldn´t stay
Bute each time i reach the door
My heart is in the way

So tell me you never loved me
That you don´t want me and baby make it easy
Just watch me fall
Don´t touch me at all
Say you´re not gonna be there
That you don´t really care
Tell me what i don´t wanna hear
All that i need to know
To help me let go

I could lie in your arms
You let this go on
For all the wrong
Reasons i would stay
You would make love to me
And i´d make believe

Make believe nothing has

My pride is telling me
That i gotta leave
But my emotions they let me down
They make me turn around

So tell me you never...
To help me say no to my heart
Cos i can´t stop loving
Everything that you are

'so tell me you never...
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