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Sweet Flavour Of Justification


Ye still hast in thine hearts
The remembrance of an esteemed king
Who fought against the enemies
And dedicated his whole life
To the good of the nation

Young blood became
A sea of stupidity
How many times didst I see my brother
Watching his life slowly passing away
The same life which has abandoned me?

But we canst not
Keep on living in the past
Dear friends, there is a new day coming
(And life must go on)
Into a world o cries
I wouldst lock myself
Liveth on a prayer
Till I couldst reach the light

How many times didst I see
His hands in red?
Dyed by the veins of compassion,
Eyes filled with a splendid shine.
He who hath witnessed so many bodies
On the ground

With his faithful fight the thought us that
We canst not liveth only for the day,
Because the night finishes the expedient
Today the widow hath found a friend

She still carries memories of the king.
Yet nocturnal birds sang,
Announcing a new love
For this reason today,
I'm going to marry her
And I'll put on her arms
My strong prop.
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