Obscure Brotherhood


Welcome to the earth of the horrors
On the way to the war and annihilation

The night, the moonshine - Ritual
Drink, fire and meat - Blasphemies
Sex and carnal pleasures - Orgy
Hot blood mutilation - Sacrifice

Disgrace spread around
Satanic territory
Natural calamities

The souls of the brotherhood are eternal

We will continue in the march
Eternally to celebrate The ritual
Obscure Brotherhood

Burning in a real nightmare
Spirits hungry for revenge
The agony of the unknown

The real brutality was born
and it was thrown in the mankind NOW…

At night in the dark corners
Black souls will be together
Shacking heads around bonfires
Intoxicated souls by dark feelings sinister sounds

Extreme fluids are unleashed by our bodies
Hate flames explode from brotherhood
Finally brotherhood it's alive power

Brothers - Fight
For their dreams - Fight
United - Fight
For you - Fight

Unified Brotherhood are eternal
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