Jah Roots


Jah roots

Send jah roots down
Then we gonna grow
Send jah roots down
And reach to the sky

Oh great wind carry the voice of jah
So we may hear the song of beauty
I wanna hear that song got to hear it
So I can sing that song so the river sparkles to the sea

To the speaker of lessons reveal the knowledge of jah
So we may reap all jah beauty
Let jah truth be known we are not alone
We are one under jah sun

Jah roots make ya feel so nice
Jah roots make ya move your body
Jah roots put em in the ground
and the evil no where to be found said
jah roots play them day and night
it's the rhythm that's gonna make it right
jah roots is what we need so lets get down lets get dirty

send jah jah roots down for all mankind

to the builders of this mankind society lets send down jah roots
food for all love for all beauty for all for all for all

send jah roots down
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