Under 21

Save Ferris

The other night I tried to go to a show
But the man at the door he told me no
He said "No one under 21 allowed"
But he must've been stupid 'cause I saw my friends in the crowd
He said "You can't buy an alcoholic drink"
So we don't care what you really think

Why this happened to me
And the show was for free
It sucks to be
Under 21

So I went and got myself a plan that would work
And I went home and got a real short skirt
And I flirt my way right through that god damn door
But once inside the music was no more
Well I guess I got there just a bit too late
I guess it's just my luck
It's just my fate

I only want to have a little fun
But every time I try they tell me "You're not 21"
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