1. 1

    Scabs - All I Want For Christmas Is My Methadone

  2. 2

    Scabs - Astronaut

  3. 3

    Scabs - Baby Put Your Panties On

  4. 4

    Scabs - Beatomatic

  5. 5

    Scabs - Big Butts and Blow Jobs

  6. 6

    Scabs - Bombananza

  7. 7

    Scabs - Bones

  8. 8

    Scabs - Budokahn

  9. 9

    Scabs - Bullet Proof Body Rubber

  10. 10

    Scabs - Cornbread

  11. 11

    Scabs - Dizzy Stick

  12. 12

    Scabs - Don't Be So Stingy With Your Pingy Lyrics

  13. 13

    Scabs - Fuck Me

  14. 14

    Scabs - Good

  15. 15

    Scabs - H.E.B.

  16. 16

    Scabs - Hanging Out With the Horny Girls

  17. 17

    Scabs - Hard Times

  18. 18

    Scabs - I Fucked Your Daughter Up the Ass, Boy

  19. 19

    Scabs - I'm Not the One You Love

  20. 20

    Scabs - Intoxicated

  21. 21

    Scabs - Karmasutra

  22. 22

    Scabs - Man of the Year

  23. 23

    Scabs - Pay at the Pump

  24. 24

    Scabs - Puddin & Cheese

  25. 25

    Scabs - Pussy Fever

  26. 26

    Scabs - Sell Your Head

  27. 27

    Scabs - Sloppy Jalopy

  28. 28

    Scabs - Staysha Brown

  29. 29

    Scabs - Suzie Got to Samba

  30. 30

    Scabs - T'uela Me La Pela

  31. 31

    Scabs - Tarantula

  32. 32

    Scabs - The Headless Samurai of Oatmogie, Oklahoma

  33. 33

    Scabs - Trippin My Mind

  34. 34

    Scabs - Vampirella

  35. 35

    Scabs - Wasted

  36. 36

    Scabs - We Come Correct

  37. 37

    Scabs - Where I'm At

  38. 38

    Scabs - Who Got the Goodies

  39. 39

    Scabs - Woman

  40. 40

    Scabs - You'll Be Mine

  41. 41

    Scabs - You're So Fresh and You're So Fine



I met a woman down in Mexico
Sweet as sugar with a heart made of stone
We drank tequila by the light of the moon
I didn't know that she would be my ruin
She said she knew about the voodoo ways
And could make me love her till the end of my days
She lit a candle then she took my hand
And in the street I heard the mariachi band

She tried to say she was the last of her kind
She started to change I nearly lost my mind
When she said that I'd be her honeybee
I realized she had put a spell on me
I looked around and my eyes grew wider then
I realized I was inside her spider den
Caught in her web I never had a chance
When she did her tarantula dance

You say its too fantastic that it cannot be true
But I say that can happen and it can happen to you
One minute you'll be thinking that everything's fine
The next thing you know well you're there with your heart on the line

There she goes
There in the moonlight
Under the stars

Throughout the night I heard her call my name
Me like the moth drawn to the falme
Me in her spell with her magic ways
She made the minutes stretch into days
Me with her there and her lips on mine
I felt our bodies then our souls entwine
I tried to run but I never had a chance
When she did her tarantula dance

When I awoke she had slipped away
I haven't seen her since that day
And now I search every where I go
For that young woman from down in Mexico
I hear stories and the tales they tell
Of a girl who breaks hearts with magic spells
They say she uses potions and evil chants
But I know it's just her tarantula dance

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