Scene Kidz

Yes, Yes, Yes Everybody we are here to revolutionize and redefine the word SCENE
Guess who's back!!


Scene kids (yup)
Lip rings (yup)
Got holes in my jeans (oh no)
Blonde hair (yup)
Black streaks (yup)
Bandana on the streets (oh no)
You ain't ever heard nobody like this (no no)
Crazy beats, crazy flows like this (no no)
Unforgettable it's the J-Reck man and we're coming right back with the scene kid fan
(What, done) when you hear us on the track
Wanna press rewind cuz you wanna play it back
Take a step back dude, you're about to find why the girl left you
There will be just get 2 wire thunder than you got you jumping and screaming with Des-k
Black bandanas, hair straighteners, holes in the jeans, lip rings
You gotta have it or you ain't SHIT!



Lip gloss (yup) fluffy things (yup) got holes in the jeans (oh no)
Hair straightener (yup) white vans (yup) and some tight ass jeans (oh no)
Guess who's back on this track rapping again
S-s-spitting again with some spitting span
Spankies looking fresh
Put on my checkered pants
Put in my lip rings
Put the pin and spit just trying to bring backup in
(Ahhh) bring it back, bring it back (ahhh) bring it back, bring it back
This is a dirty ass task cuz the est changes back
And we're good to protect so don't try to hold it back
Tap, tap, knock, knock who is that, that's right (ha haaa)
We're Back!!
Ends like a band with a brand new name
Now I've got the flippy bangs, and a fucking lip ring
You can step it up, but to me I don't care
Cuz if you search Europe it's just not there
Listen you haters I got a quarter in my hands
Take this quarter and buy yourself a life
Asshole (aaaaaaahhhh)



cupcakes. (haha)
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