1. 1

    School Of Fish - 1/2 A Believer

  2. 2

    School Of Fish - Blackout

  3. 3

    School Of Fish - Complicator

  4. 4

    School Of Fish - Drag

  5. 5

    School Of Fish - Drop Of Water

  6. 6

    School Of Fish - Everyword

  7. 7

    School Of Fish - Fountain

  8. 8

    School Of Fish - Fuzzed & Fading

  9. 9

    School Of Fish - Jump Off The World

  10. 10

    School Of Fish - Kerosene

  11. 11

    School Of Fish - Lament

  12. 12

    School Of Fish - Stand In The Doorway

  13. 13

    School Of Fish - Take Me Anywhere

  14. 14

    School Of Fish - Three Strange Days

Three Strange Days

School Of Fish

For three strange days
I had no obligations
My mind was a blur
I did not know what to do
I think I lost myself
When I lost my motivation
Now I'm walking 'round the city
Just waiting to come to
For three strange...

For three strange days
I couldn't put a smile on my face
So they dressed me up in all of their clothes
And took me somewhere else
Johnny Clueless was there
With his simulated wood grain
So I pulled up a chair
And started drinking by myself
For three strange...

I've got to make it through
No matter what it takes
Oh I've got to make it through
These strange days

I lay down for a while
And I woke up on the ocean
Floating on my back
And staring at the gray
It was completely still
Except the pounding of my heart
Bringing me back to life
From three strange days
Three strange...
Three strange days
Three strange days

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