It's A Sure Thing

Andrew Schore

You see my face across the room, Yeah uh-huh I see yours too You're wondering what's my deal I'm wondering are you for real? Now I see you're getting close, It's me you want you want the most -chorus- Now we see it's a sure thing, baby Now we bring ourselves to sing, 'cause we know now it's a sure thing, it's a sure thing! Now we're dancing in the corner, and you're friends say "we should warn her This guys bad news" but you don't have a choice, what have you got to loose? Because, -chorus- It's clear you have-- second thoughts It's true I'm not-- the guy you've sought I'm not sure what-- you have heard But you must've gotten-- the wrong word, Because, -chorus- Now you know, I'm not all bad Your friends were wrong With the info they had I am your guy and that's no lie I am your friend until the end Because now we know, it's a sure thing We know it's a sure thing, it's a sure thing -chorus-

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