Answer Prayer

Scoth Phelps

Answer prayer

Tonight i've said,
To the moonlight what my heart is feeling

I've screamed to the air:
'that i love, i miss you and i'm seeking
For an answer prayer…'

Please answer me
Answer me

I've drew on the down,
All the corners of your pretty face
I've been walking around,
But without the world seems so lonely place

Then i close my eyes and i pray,
Desperate for an answer i stay

I beg you answer,
Answer me

How is heaven?
Are there angels there?
Please tell me
I really need to hear from you

I won't resist it
I can't live without your touch,
It's hard to breathe,
It's aching very much

I think that i will die,
Why haven't you said good-bye?

Answer, answer,
Please answer me…

Please answer,
Come on answer,
Please answer me…
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