In a Little Cafe In Georgia

Scotty McCreery

In a little cafe in georgia,
South of atlanta way,
She walked into my life,
That dark and stormy day.

Past my table she wandered,
From out of that driving rain,
Through the wrinkles and weathered tear marks,
I saw a face filled with pain.

I just sat there with a saddened heart,
Overcome with a case of the blues,
For she wore an old raggedy raincoat,
And a pair of wornout shoes.

As i walked up to her gently,
And just stood there at her side,
I gazed at that beautiful face,
Through the tears that she had cried.

I invited her to my table,
And took her coat off to dry,
I could tell her heart was filled with sorrow,
Though i didn't want to pry.

As i softly touched her on the shoulder,
I hoped she'd not take my gesture wrong,
I thought of those worn out clothes again,
And how she could have gotten along.

Then she placed her hand in mine,
And held it ever so tight,
I knew somehow things would be ok,
That everything would be alright.

I asked her if she was hungry,
If she wanted something to eat,
But she just sat there quietly,
Shivering in her seat.

I placed my arm around her,
To try and make her warm,
I was thankful she had wandered in,
Away from that dreadful storm.

Then as tears streamed down her face,
Her brown eyes looked up at me,
And at that moment i realized,
Our encounter was meant to be.

She told me the love of her life had died,
Two years ago this day,
I held her closer to me,
Searching for the right words to say.

I told her a little story,
'bout two people in love,
The lord took one of them,
Now she speaks to this heart from above.

As tears flowed down my cheek,
She placed her face against mine,
Then asked if i was ok,
I told her now i'd be fine.

Now when i think of that day so long ago,
I get down on my knees and pray,
I thank the lord for bringing two hearts together,
In that little ol' cafe.
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