There's Something Wrong With You

Screamin Jay Hawkins

There's something wrong with you
Something's missing some place somewhere
There's something wrong with you

I mean sometimes you just say it all there
Now now now now take a look at yourself
I'm telling you I ain't lying girl
You look like something else
I don't know what is wrong
But if you keep lookin' like that
Don't you know that I'll be gone
There's something wrong with you
I mean you just say like you was

Lets face it
There's something I gotta do
I mean to find out the cause
You swore up and down
That you would love me so
You said pumpkins would look like pickles
Before you let me go

Well I'm just tired at it all
You can stop your show
Don't you know you can be replaced, you know
Monkey toes and strain beans
Roast bamboo sallad
Smuttered with bubble gums
Big barbecue gorilla riffs
A dish of cow fingers and mousquito pies

There's something wrong with you
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