Just another day in this paradise,
I take a look around I guess I'll be alright,
I still got to wonder if you got me going crazy.
Yesterday I saw you with your other friend,
you just closed your eyes but oh! he gave a grin
I'm not so sure that I can share the spirit of your happiness.

Remember that I'm sorry,
and all the things I ever done
I'd surely take them back
If I had the chance to show you,
I'm sure you'd understand it
but you might not look past that
but I'd still reminisce about
The sugar in your brown eyes,
the sour in your frown oh yeah
I'm sorry that I left you,
and if I could go back
you know I'd do it all again

Yesterday my babygirl I heard the news,
while rollin down the old familiar avenue
my buddy told me not to worry everything will be just cool.
It's funny how the time can change everything
why's my baby wearing a stranger's wedding ring
I still got to wonder if you got me going crazy.
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