If I'm

Sea Oleena

You led the way of white walls
And wooden floors and open doors
And birds and birds and birds
And all with dusty back
Among these books all leather-jacketed
But I could only find, in my own time
The way to Arizona's yellow tent
Afloat upon the lake

And I'm alone but in another way
I found a black bat tangled in a birch tree
If I'm a body, you're a blanket on me
If I'm a forest you're the field at my feet
If I'm a comer that the dark backs into

You're the darkness that this comer clings to
If I'm a mountain with the moon above me
I, the mountain, choose the moon to envy

And there's a line on my palm
I know it's not very long
I know it's not what you want
But there's a light in the dark
And there'll be light if I'm gone
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