Found you in a hole, it was enough
Needed you to work on my wounds
Offered up the back of your hand
Suitable enough

I've been pretty low
So I fall back into your arms once more
Give to me your flesh; you keep the rest
We'll try this one again

I don't ever think what I want could be considered love
But it is what I want anyway
Beauty in the dark, fragile heart, see the end from the start
I don't ever think what you need could be considered me
Still you drop everything anyway

Now it's how it was when I was lost
In a sea of skin that talks
Louder than the bones that it coats
Strong enough to overthrow growth

How do you access a burly mess
Coined as a result of your head?
Turn and face the hurt you harbor
Wish yourself the best

Damn all those tricks of yours; make me feel so small
I've got some, lots of them. I'm waiting for my turn to turn
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