Truth Is But A Woman

Seals & Crofts

Truth is but a woman with flaxen hair,
While blown by the wind cannot begin.
Lest the ravens utter in despair, for they cannot caress her flower
Nor in the hour find hands of care, so 'round the maypole drift their wings
They cannot drink her beauty springs.

Truth is but a woman, with eyes of black,
While seen through her tears can see no fears.
Lest they be seen from the other side, and I cannot behold her smile
But in my trial hope to abide, so 'round the maypole hover near
In someway her lover here, and truth is but a woman.

Truth is but a woman, adorned in white
A child in waiting like a mystic bride.
Without a husband standing by her side, and she cannot withhold her love.
It's you and me she's thinking of, so 'round the maypole drift our wings
Listen to the song she sings. Oh, truth is but a woman, oh.
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