Clocks And Time Pieces

Search The City

We've all got a past
And these ghosts
Are holding us back

I listened to your message
Over and over again
I thought about how
I let you down
I thought about who i am
I felt hopeless
I got caught up
In this life
I'm such a mess
I wonder how
I looked
Through your eyes

Baby take your time
Stop and see
For once in your life
The things
You're missing out on
Like me
Like me in the sunshine
The summer's almost over
We're running out of time

Almost over

I look out
On the city lights
Where you are tonight
There's so much
That i wanna' say
Will you ever let me
And if i pour my heart out
Do you want the truth?
Yeah, i'd pour my heart out
I at least owe that to you
I at least owe that to you

Open up your eyes
(there's so much i have to say
Will you ever let me?)
I'm right in front of you
(there's so much i have to say
Will you ever let me?)

It's too cold for june
How come i only hear from you
When you're liquored up?
I've heard all about the others
And this side of you
That you
Discovered this summer

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