Assistant (To The Manager)


Please excuse me
Could you please repeat the question
I hid it in a memo will it fly?

High as an ostrich
This would not escape a half-wit
You got much more work there doctor get inside
Back by the doorway
Nailed into the tackboard
There's a list of policies and you'll abide
It's for the company
Yeah we're all in this together
One production unit ego will die

Just take the burden off me
I've got the knife of charm
Red curtains fall on my pleas
I saw evil on my street
Smiled so wide I had to blink
Works his fingers to the bone
Sour understates his tone

You'll afford to knock me
When you're writing your own paycheck
But until then as you know
I own your time
No more explaining
I'll shove your nose into the grindstone
If you give me opinions you resigned

Just take the burden off me
Kam put the knife in dharm
Red curtains fall on my pleas
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