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Great White Whale

Secret And Whisper

I'm searching
For the great white whale
Strong and bold
And I will grab him
By his tail
And drag him home
Locked in a tower
He will sleep forever

Locked in a tower
I'll never be
Alone again
I'm searching
For that open field
Vast and scorn
Down by the alder
We were wishing
Our hearts together
Down by the alder
Where you told me
You'd never
Love another

The animals
Are gathering
To hunt me down
To take revenge
For kidnapping
Your gentle sound
Down to the river
In the current
You start to shiver
Return to the river
With the howling of all
The animals
That needed you

An uprising
Impossible to fail
The creatures
Come from land
And sea, and air
The forest alive
With leaves
And bone, and hair
Give the animals
Their whale
In hunting and living
If you remember one thing
Remember I needed you
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