Raise Your Voices

Secret Garden

Raise your voices! Raice your voices!
Praise Him - the Living Word
To the heavens high ascending
Raise your voices to the Lord

Though the night be dark and fearful
Though we face the dimming day
Though the heart be sad and tearful
Trust Him, He will light the way


Throgh the mists in this vale of sorrow
Through the glass we but darkly see
We will rise again tomorrow
Then, our eyes will lifted be


Long the road that has no ending
Far the path that has no turn
And the soul is never wending
To the place it first was born

See the host of angels singing
When they hear that trumpet sound
When the piper's call is ringing
Then shall my soul be ever homeward bound


Mountains tall and seas will thunder
One unceasing chorus ring
Hean'v and earth will sleep no longer
Then the universe as one will sing

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