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The Mistery Of Love

Secret Sphere

Hold on day by day
I hear your whisper 'till the end of time
Like the day when my - my dream came true
I felt your essence became mine
In the heat of emotions

For your kiss, I'd die
I stand before the window
Waiting for my love, forever

The mistery of love
I have learnt
In this journey through the endless
Strongest passions
Every breathe, every heartbeat
Leave a message that will last forever

But the end
Is knockin' on my door
And my life will go on
The land calls my name
Chasing thruth eternally
Now I'm gonna leave my heaven
My destiny changes its way

Another sky I reach
Another air I breath
Someday, I know
My eyes will meet yours

Now I wonder, and waiting
I wonder how my life goes on wonder

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